Dendera and Karnak from Hurghada a Private spiritual day

Dendera and Karnak from Hurghada a Private spiritual day


the 3rd chakra or Solar Plexus chakra

Karnak or Ipet-Sut -the Most Selected of Places – as it was known in hieroglyphics is the biggest in Egypt temple complex and it is related to magic and potential power.
The complex dates back to the second millennium before Christ or earlier.

Go deep into Egypt’s ancient iconic sites at Karnak and visit its Hypostyle hall, at 54,000 square feet with 134 columns, is still the largest hall of any temple in the world.

1- the main sanctuary of Amun-Re representing the center for revealing power, control, and ego

2-the Precinct of Mut as Sekhmet whose sanctuary at Karnak is associated with the solar plexus and with the magical healing of the warrior.

3 Precincts of Khonsu the god of the Moon. His name means the traveler as the Moon traveling across the night sky, Khonsu is also known as a healer.

In addition to all that there are several smaller temples and a vast sacred lake


the 4th chakra or the Heart chakra.

Egyptians believed that intelligence and will were situated in the heart; and, when the heart is open our spiritual selves will be revealed. The heart blends all of the other chakras.

Dendera is the temple site dedicated to Hathor the goddess of love, merriment, and gaiety.

Dendera often gets excellent reviews from the visitors. for me, It will be interesting to test our group’s reaction to it.

The temple was built between 150 BC – 80 AD so It’s here that we can see one of the last ancient Egyptian temples.
Dendera was consecrated to Hathor, the Mother of the Universe and Mistress of the Cycles of Time.
However, The legend said that the temple foundation dates back to the vague period before kings when gods ruled Egypt (before 4000 BC)
Denderah was a healing site, the temple was once a sanatorium where dream analysis was carried out.


Together we will visit the temples of ancient Thebes—a UNESCO World Heritage Site— the massive temple complex of Karnak, charge your soul with positive energy at Dendera, the temple of Hathor, goddess of healing music in Egyptian mythology, be sure not to miss the Nile trip and the tasty lunch.


Day 1

1- pickup up from your hotel at about 5 o’clock.
2- drive to Karnak for about 4 hours.
3-enjoy the temple visit.
4- lunch.
5-Nile trip.
6-drive to Dendera on the way back to Hurghada which makes the journey home back shorter.
7- marvel Dendera.
8- drive back to your hotel.

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Dendera and Karnak from Hurghada a Private spiritual day
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  • Transportation in private air-conditioned vehicles
  • a private family like tour